maandag 30 augustus 2010

Sugar on Monday

What seems to be an ordinary Monday became suddenly one of my dentist favourites.
Colleagues were treating because of birthday’s new born baby’s and sadly because of two farewells.
Have you ever seen these -most cutest- cupcakes ever?
Not only seen as a Karl Lagerfeld but also in Lady GaGa and Donatella Versace version.
Seriously delicious!

What’s you favourite treat?

Find more sugar on:
Alice in cakeland
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woensdag 25 augustus 2010

DLS preview

We like to present our new style; a lovely blue-printed dress. As soon as the production of this sweet vintage-shaped dress is finished, you will find it in our Doubler le Sol Webshop.

We love this style!

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Lovely Lastminute

Two days before the yearly DANCING-DREAMING-LOVELY-FULL OF FRIENDS LAUGHING-LOUNGING AND LISTENING TO MUSIC EVENT Lowlands started I got myself counting with the 55.000 happy people who had a ticket for the event.
What do you think of:
Mumford and Sons:
La Pegatina:
The National, the Kooks, Hot Chip, LCD soundsystem….
I hate to sleep in a tent but for these days I love to make a yearly exception. For now I have my pictures, smudgy bracelet, (new) nice band memories and 363 more days waiting left..

donderdag 19 augustus 2010

wednesday entertainment

Last night I visited de Parade ( in Amsterdam and got entertained by the funniest guy ever. He was performing ‘how deep is your love’ by the bee gees over and over again. Although he sings a bit lousy and tipsy, I had to see him perform, just to be sure he wasn’t putting on a disc and calling it a day. Couldn’t help but wondering if he was a huge bee gees groupie or if he’s just wishing for a Boyzone reunion.
Go check it out.
Parade entrance is € 7,-
Watching the guy perform is free, although it’s priceless!