vrijdag 5 november 2010

A night at the museum

Almost forgot to tell you!
Tomorrow it's Musuem night in Amsterdam! N8 as we call it!
Since the first Museum Night in November 2000, Amsterdam museums stay open until 2AM for one night a year, and welcome thousands of new vistors. For a relatively small city, Amsterdam has a great amount of museums and cultural institutions. This year 45 museums collaborate during Museum Night, and they are all easy to reach by bicycle or public transport.

Apart from seeing the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions there is plenty more to see and do, also for non-Dutch visitors. On this 11th edition you can enjoy live music, DJ’s, dance, performances, film, special tours, food & drinks. One ticket gives entrance to all museums, but be aware that some locations might be crowded. Keep your ticket, because in the period after Museum Night, it allows you free entrance to one of the participating museums. See ya in the cultural area! site

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