zondag 12 september 2010

From Paris with love

The Dutch fashion illustrators Piet Paris will launcher the book: Piet Paris Fashion Illustrations.
Shown are 124 fashion illustrators, which will give you a look in history as well. From October the 15th you are able to buy the book but also to see the illustrations in the special occasioned expo, which is organised
Go and see:

What: Sale and expo Piet Paris.
Where: Hirschgebouw, Leidseplein 29, Amsterdam.
When: From 15 t/m 22 October
Entree: Free
Open: from 11 am until 8 pm

Soon to be launched: A series of 6 postage stamps for TNT Post and the Aids Fonds Netherlands charity. The nationwide first day of issue is set for 12 October 2010. Fascinating but somewhat momentous, too. So start writing postcards again!

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