woensdag 3 november 2010

Silly bracelet

Has any of you heard about rubber band bracelets? I guess this will be the newest hype! It are rubber bands, shaped in all thinkable forms and available in all kinds of neon colours. Without wearing them you’ll recognize the shape, but when wearing, it just looks like a weird (but cute) rubber bracelet.
It may sound a bit childish but since I’ve seen them around Stella McCartney’s show location in Paris is this my new must have accessory.
Every child in the US is begging for these, and the fad is spreading to middleschools, highschools, college campuses and have even been spotted on the arms of Hollywood divas. Silly Bands are more than just a fad. I got the T-shirt shaped variations yesterday at a presentation and now I want them in all kinds of fashionable shapes! Please let me know if you know a selling point around?

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  1. He Mae,

    Ik heb je geprobeerd te mailen maar het emailadres doet het niet. Ik heb je blog doorgekregen via Elly van Loft PR. Ik ben distributeur van de enige echte Silly Bandz uit Amerika voor de Benelux. Graag vertel ik je de verkooppunten en wie weet wat we voor elkaar kunnen betekenen :-)

    check: www.trendsbrandsint.com

    Vriendelijke groet,

    Trends & Brands International BV